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Best Restaurants in ELLA

Cafe Chill

An all-time favourite spot in Ella is Cafe Chill. Both Sri Lankan and Western food are served here in a quick and qualitative manner. Its ambiance is a clear winner and the reason as to why Cafe Chill remains such a favourite.

Matey Hut

Matey Hut is a tiny log hut that doesn’t look like much but serves a mean rice and curry with all the trimmings. The place is small so there may be a wait – it’s worth it!

Ceylon Tea Factory

The newest eating spot in Ella is the Ceylon Tea Factory. Built to resemble a tea factory, the restaurant centres its theme around tea manufacturing and drinking. Food is both Sri Lankan and Western and very high quality.

AK Ristoro

Located a little off the main road, AK Ristoro is an Italian restaurant that serves a lot more than just Italian. Some dishes are better than others, so it’s best to go simple

Curd Shop

One of the biggest attractions in Ella is the hike to Little Adam’s Peak. On the edge of town and close to the bus stop, the Curd Shop serves killer curd and treacle. It’s also a great spot for a quick breakfast before the hike and for picking up sandwiches for the walk.

360 Ella

As one of the many roadside cafes in Ella, 360 is laid back and friendly. The food is varied and the ambience is relaxed. 360 is a great option for a meal – the burgers are a favourite.

Little Folly Restaurant

Little Folly Restaurant is located on the edge of the jungle and serves great cakes for tea time. With a lovely natural atmosphere and ambience, it’s a good choice for lunch, as well as dinner.

Cafe Guru

Cafe Guru is a great option for some homemade rice and curry while lounging on sofas. Like most restaurants in Ella, the ambience is relaxed and laid back. It’s definitely another great spot for a meal and a drink.

Dream Cafe

The Dream Cafe is the coffee shop located outside of the Dream Cafe guesthouse. Good for breakfast and a quick meal, Dream Cafe has seating that overlooks the road and serves typical cafe fare.