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Adisham Bungalow

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If you are staying in Ella for more than a day or two and visiting Haputale, do not miss this monastery which is a highly recommended tourist attraction in the area.

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Open for sightseers only on weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

Sir Thomas Lister Villiers

Sir Thomas Lister Villiers was born in 1869 in Adisham, an ancient village which lies in the hollow of the Kent country side. He was the son of Reverend Prebendary Henry Montegu Villiers who belonged to Clarendon family and his mother was Lady Victoria Russell the daughter of (Grandfather of Sir Thomas Lister Villiers) who was twice the prime minister of Britain (1846 – 52, & 1865 – 66). As leader of the Whig party, he was most responsible for changing its name to the Liberal Party.

There are several tea estates and Hindu Kovils also at near Adisham bungalow. Up side of bungalow is a eucalyptus forest and downside of bungalow is railway between Haputale and Idalgashinna railway stations.

Garden of Adisham is a fruit estate and flower estate. Jams, Cordials and several foods are produced at Adisham bungalow and available for buy.

Although it should be emphasised that Adisham is not in any way a commercial guest-house nor a Villiers museum open to casual callers, accommodation is available for 12 guests. It would suit people appreciative of a Christian spiritual experience, counsel and guidance, in a place of surpassing peace, solitude and beauty. The large rooms are comfortable and have some of the best mountain views in Sri Lanka. The food (three main meals and afternoon tea) is simple but excellent and the atmosphere edifying and serene.

For more info visit the attraction website.


Local VisitorsRs. 50.00
KidsRs. 25.00
ForeignersRs. 150.00
Per head for a day with mealsRs. 3000.00
Per head for a day with meals – childrenRs. 1500.00

Don’t expect hotel facilities but hot water, blanket, bed-sheets and towels are provided.

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